Five Star Kids

Five Star Kids

Five star Kids  is a photographic session for families who travel. A unique way to blend the love of travel and holidays,
with beautiful photographs of memories that offer we take for granted.

For more information, bookings and travel ideas email the studio.

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We just got our photos back, and all we can say is, WOW! You
captured our family with such warmth, tenderness, and
candidness, we can’t say thank you enough. We’ll cherish these images of our family forever.
- Kelly Gainsford

After seeing our family photos, we are so thoroughly impressed by your Photography. We felt relaxed, and felt comfortable to laugh and smile, and be ourselves.    
- Jeremy Leeming

We immediately felt at ease with Jo who inspired us and made us laugh. The fun that Jo injected into our family on the day is
captured on what can only be described as truly breathtaking
-Tania & Phillip Maw, Christchurch

Jo is such a pleasure to deal with, with a eye for detail. She knew exactly how to deal with my children. We had so much fun
photographing, that my children ask constantly when can we see ‘Aunty Jo’ again.
 -  Imelda C Guan

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1 Cranmer Square, Central City Christchurch, New Zealand. Appointments by booking only.